Club Meeting Feb 27

The Fort Stockton chapter of the Young Republicans (YR) Club will be held Thursday Feb.27 at 6:30pm. The club will meet at The First Christian Church in Fort Stockton on 200 S. Rio St. Pizza will be served. This meeting will be focused on approving the constitution and registering new members. Young Republicans who join before March will pay an active membership fee of $5 instead of the regular $25. Associate and junior member fees will be half off at $7.50. you can also register by emailing the club at williamgarrison@youngrepublicans.club.

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early voting feb. 18-28

Don’t forget to vote. If you miss early voting, mar. 3 is election day find voting locations at http://www.fortstocktonpioneer.com/stories/here-are-locations-for-early-voting-in-pecos-county,22068

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Park Clean-up Feb. 22

Our first service project will be cleaning up one of our small parks in Fort Stockton. We will meet at 2pm. The park will be determined at our meeting Feb. 13.

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The Young Republicans Club

The next meeting of The Fort Stockton chapter of the Young Republicans Club will be held Thursday Feb. 27 at 6:30 pm. The club will meet at the First Christian Church.

The club will be focused on registering young people to vote as well as public service, civic duty and having a good time doing what is right. The Young Republican Club is open to any youth 17 years of age or older that believes in family, community and good old fashioned Fort Stockton values.

William Garrison is the current organizer of the club. For more information email him at williamgarrison@youngrepublicans.club

“I think the Young Republican Club will be a benefit to the community. It will give the youth something constructive to put their time into and I hope it will provide a social network of like minded individuals.” – William Garrison Community Organizer.

Next Steps…

To join the club email us at WilliamGarrison@youngrepublicans.club