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  • Bake Sale to Promote Primary Run Off Reyes and Gonzales to face off

    Bake Sale to Promote Primary Run Off  The Fort Stockton chapter of the Young Republicans (YR) Club will be hosting a bake sale to promote voter awareness. The event will be […]

  • Trump to Crush Supreme Courts Supremacy?

    Here’s an interesting article on how to mitigate a tyrannical Supreme Court.

  • Trump Rally Tonight 7pm in Tulsa!

    Americans take the opportunity to support their president tonight at 7 pm Watch it on RightSide Broadcasting. Here’s a yahoo news story on when and where and of course a […]

  • Dems distressed by Trumps address for life

    Democrats are getting a strong message from Donald Trump. You have impeached me and have crossed the line. Social conservatives are going to get everything they want because it’s pay […]

  • Trump turns the knife as he defends life

    In a message to Democrats, Trump has rewarded their unyielding attack on him by giving their enemies a strong signal of support. The White House declares a National Sanctity of […]

  • Revenge of the Republican as the defense begins

    Get ready for a strong defense of the president today. Defense

  • UK Chiefs, Boris Johnson sign Brexit agreement

    I thought you guys would like to read about the latest Brexit news as our British conservative brothers and sisters fight the globalists. Boris Johnson Brexits Britain